Welcome to the DACC Scholarship Application Homepage

Use the search button below to view a list of available scholarships and the criteria. You can also search by category or keyword. Please note, this button only allows you to search. You must log in below to apply for scholarships.


To proceed directly to the scholarship application, use the button below.  This one application will put you in the running for all the scholarships offered by DACC.   Please note that in order to log in, you will need your DACC user id and login information.   

If you do not have a username and id, please complete the application for admission at https://dacc.edu/ar/application.   Please email the completed application to admissions@dacc.edu.   For questions on admissions, please call 217-443-8800.

For students who submitted applications in March and are re-applying:
 - You will only need to upload the most recent copy of your transcript showing your grades through the spring semester.
 - You will also have the option of adding to or updating your personal statement if you want.  It is not mandatory.
 - All other information will remain the same as when you submitted the application in March.

For students that did not submit their scholarship application in March:
 - You will need to complete the full scholarship application which includes uploading your most current transcript, a personal statement/essay and a letter of recommendation.  For the letter of recommendation, you can upload a copy or you can email a request directly from the application.
 - If you started the application in March and uploaded your transcript through the fall semester, you will need to delete that transcript to upload the current one.  Just follow the directions.

After completing your application, check your student email accounts for notifications.  You may log in to this site to see if you have any awards, if you submitted your application and if your recommendations have been completed.



For any questions regarding this scholarship site, please contact Gina Davis at 217-443-8893 or email foundation@dacc.edu.